Your donation can fund the next ovarian cancer breakthrough.

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Early detection saves lives

With your help, we’re funding early career researchers on the front-line of major breakthroughs in cancer detection and prevention.  

Our Next Generation Cancer Research Fellowship recipient, Dr Mostafa Kamal Masud, is currently developing a device that will allow ovarian cancer to be diagnosed in GP clinics within just two hours.  


“I hope that, in the future, Mabel’s generation doesn’t have to see or experience someone passing from melanoma because there will be a better treatment or cure for it,” Raphael said. 

“Mabel will always remember that she lost her mum to melanoma. But in her lifetime, it might be possible that she and others don’t have to live through the devastation that our family did.”

Your donation funds vital cancer research

Right now, there is no test to determine if a melanoma could spread and become fatal. This prevents doctors from being able to provide certain patients with more effective treatments that may save their life.  Our real-world research leads to better prevention, detection and treatment of all cancers, and better support for Queenslanders affected by a cancer diagnosis.

Researchers are searching for biomarkers and other genetic patterns in tumour tissue that can predict whether an early-stage melanoma is likely to grow and spread. This information can help create a new blood test or biopsy that will allow doctors to understand each individual patient’s risk and set them on the best treatment path.  

With your help, we can change the outcomes for people like Tess. As a supporter of Cancer Council Queensland, you share our vision of ensuring that no Queenslander navigates cancer alone. Your tax-time gift can bring hope to Queenslanders and their families by accelerating lifesaving research. 

Change lives with regular giving

Why become a Regular Giver?

Great or small, your monthly donation provides more predictable funding for Cancer Council Queensland. By planning ahead and allocating resources more efficiently, we can ensure your donation has the greatest possible impact to Queenslanders impacted by cancer.

Donations over $2 are tax-deductible and, at the end of the financial year, we'll send you a receipt to assist with your tax return. 

Where does my monthly gift go?

To lifesaving research designed to better prevent, detect and treat all cancers.

To emotional support services such as our 13 11 20 support line and counselling sessions.

To practical support services such as our accomodation lodges for patients and carers, and transport to treatment. 

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