Karlie's story

“I thought I wasn’t going to see my kids get married. I wasn’t going to see them grow up.” – Karlie, mother, wife, daughter, step-mum, grandma.

You can be the difference between life and death for a woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

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When Karlie was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she had every reason to believe she was going to die. Nearly two out of three women do. Why would she be one of the lucky few?

Ovarian cancer symptoms are often vague, with pelvic pain, bloating, and period irregularities often misdiagnosed as simply hormonal concerns. When a diagnosis finally arrives, it's far often too late, with most women receiving an advanced diagnosis.

“At the time, I knew none of the symptoms – not one,” she recalls. “Because it’s such a hidden disease, I couldn’t feel anything in the early stages.”

Finally, it was Karlie’s doctor who raised the alarm, and completed an urgent ultrasound. Days later, Karlie and her husband received the earth-shattering news. Because Karlie’s cancer was advanced, her doctors needed to act quickly.

After a radical hysterectomy and a gruelling six rounds of chemotherapy, the hope of things ‘returning to normal’ began to slip away for Karlie.

“Going into my treatment, I thought I would get back to my old self, and [I know now], there is no getting back to your old self. You are never the same after treatment.”

Karlie knows how incredibly lucky she is to be alive.
No woman should have to go through this, let alone wonder why they are one of the lucky few who survives.

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A future free from cancer is not something that we are hoping for, it is something that we will achieve.

Cancer Council Queensland’s research, made possible because of our generous supporters, has already achieved so much. The support of our donors enables us to fund crucial research projects through Accelerating Collaborative Cancer Research (ACCR) grants.

These grants aim to increase the speed of cancer research that transforms clinical practice, treatments or health policies, and accelerates us closer to a cancer free future for Queenslanders like Karlie.

“The funding that Cancer Council Queensland provides comes entirely from our generous donors. Without that, we simply couldn't run the grant scheme. We are absolutely indebted to those people who enable us to support research.”

- Professor Joanne Aitken, General Manager, Research at Cancer Council Queensland.

Karlie receiving treatment
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