Brandon's story

With your generous support, Cancer Council Queensland can accelerate research to discover and trial new treatments that will help more children survive their cancer.

Brandon’s parents Janie and Brad were completely devastated when told that their baby boy was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour - just one day before his first birthday! Brandon was given little hope of survival. 

They were then faced with an unimaginable choice - whether to share just a few precious months left with him or risk a life-threatening surgery.
Brandon’s parents chose the surgery. Thankfully this little fighter pulled through and this year he turns 26! Even though Brandon has defied the odds to survive, he continues living with brain cancer.

That's why we want to help researchers find life-saving treatments to better detect, treat and prevent cancer - for Brandon and other people like him.

Sadly, the overall incidence of all childhood central nervous system tumours increased nationally by 29% between 1983 - 2016.

Your investment in cancer research today will give young people like Brandon hope for life-saving treatments.

“The surgeon told us anything he did would be experimental. When I asked what would happen if we didn’t try something, he said, ‘well you are going to lose him anyway’.”

portrait photo of a young boy aged one with breathing tube in hospital

Brandon, aged 1 - after surgery

Cancer Council Queensland supporters are making life better for every one of those people diagnosed with cancer – and for future generations who, with your help, will never have to receive that devastating news.

Every minute, every hour, every day, Cancer Council Queensland is working towards our vision of a cancer free future.

Please help. Brandon is not giving up and I hope you won't either.
By choosing to donate, and helping us raise much needed research funding, you will help make better choices for treatment and care possible.

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Helps with the collection and processing of a research participant's blood sample to understand their cancer risk.
Helps towards determination of the DNA sequence in a cancer from one child.
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